Admin Features

Attractive admin panel

Flance is providing an extremely user-friendly admin panel which can be used by anyone. The efficient and easy-to-use admin panel is quite manageable even by people who have less IT knowledge and the admin can manage everything without any hassle.

Admin dashboard

Flance has come up with the most user-friendly admin dashboard which can be effortlessly used by anyone and everyone.

Project management

At Flance, the admin can view and manage all kinds of projects at the same time. As an admin, one can effortlessly approve or decline any kind of projects depending on its validity. The admin also has the ability to filter project and align them on the right categories keeping the date, project status, project name and employer name on the loop. The admin user can easily check the bid details for the projects.

Accounts management

With various kinds of sub menus, the accounts management of the Flance is one of the most salient features you will ever come across with. The admin can find all kinds of account related information from this feature. For example, Wallet History – which will include all the information starting from leaser accounts with opening balance and closing balance; transaction history, Deposit, Escrow, Site Commission, withdrawn sent by freelancer, and membership plans. All these menus again have various filtered options and with the help of the same, the admin can make reports, and approve withdrawn requests.

Member management

The member’s management tool helps the admin to check any user’s profiles, reset their passwords, approve or even disapprove users. The admin can also the users’ wallet status, their ratings, reviews, job posting status, bid status and etc.

Access level

Flance offer the users “Multiple Admin” roles with access to the admin panel. You can classify your admin group wise and divide the roles among them. For instance, if the group “Accounts” have multiple admin, then they will have respective access permission according to the roles.

Content management

The content management portal has a lot of menus. For example – 
i. Content Page – In this page, the admin can easily delete, add, edit and view certain content pages.
ii. Email Template – In this page, the admin can effortlessly manage various mail templates contents.
iii. Banner Management – In this page, the admin can easily make changes on the banner and content from here.


The Setting tool of Flance contains the following tabs –
i. General Settings
ii. Account Settings 
iii. SEO Settings
iv. Social Settings

Dispute management

The admin can handle all kinds of disputes whenever it is needed.

Category & sub category management

The admin can smoothly add, delete, edit, and view different categories as well as their relative sub categories.

Skill & sub skill management

The admin can smoothly add, delete, edit, and view parent skill as well as their relative sub skills.

Localization management

The admin has the right to manage the city, country and locality of the user.

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