Employer Features

Post project

Employer can express their work requirement through post a project. For the case of hourly project employer can hire multiple people for a job. There are many related fields here. On same time can also send invitation to some specific freelancer. Employer can promote the project as featured, urgent, etc for attract the freelancer.

Promote job

Employer can promote the project as featured, urgent, etc for attract the freelancer.

Employer dashboard

Once employer logged in he/she can see all of his/her open projects, notification, all contractor according to their projects some stats so that at a glance employer can understand what’s going on and what important.

Invite freelancer

Employer can send invitation to the freelancer.

Sorting bids

Employer can sorting bids with different related parameters like favorite interested rejected etc.

View milestone

Can check all milestone provided by freelancer.

Hire freelancer

Employer can select the appropriate freelancer for his/her project.

Browse freelancer

Employer can search freelancer based on different type of filtration technique such as: Skill, location, name, hourly  rate etc.

Release escrow

Employer can release escrow if freelancer can put terms for escrow release while bid on that project.

Project board
  1. Both employers can communicate through project board.
  2. Project board contain all project related info, stats like paid amount unpaid amount all accounts related info etc.
  3. Release milestone, view and download invoice
  4. Share files
  5. Mark the project as completed
  6. Give ratting and review 
  7. Many more

If employer can’t satisfied with freelancer or vice versa then one can make the project disputed. "Flance" contain a attractive and seperate dispute board, from their booth they can interact also if want they can also add "admin" for resolution for the dispute.So that all they can communicate and settled the case.


"Flance" contain a unique and attractive and user friendly finance module where employer can see all transaction statistic. It will looks like  a leaser accounts. Employer can export report by using date filtration.

Give bonus

If employer wants to give some bonus to their contractor can have provision on "Flance".

Pause contract

This silent feature is applicable for hourly project. Employer can have provision to pause a job for some while. After some that they can start the job again. Once employer can pause a project freelancer can’t have provision for log time for that project.

Create team

"Flance" have team concept through this employer can create a team with some specific access permission given to some specific members.

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