Freelancer Features

Standalone Software

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Sign up & create profile
  1. Freelancer can sign up with some common fields after that he/she can build his/her profile nicely so that it attract to employer.
  2. "Flance" have a unique design while freelancer can build their profile.
Freelancer dashboard

Once freelancer logged in with their account they can find important items on their dashboard like, bids, ongoing project list, notification, accounts stats etc.

Browse job
  1. Freelancer can browse job based on skill, price, promotional like feature, urgent etc.
  2. Also mark the job as favorite.
Bid on project

Freelancer and bid on a specific project matching by filling up some important details.

Ask question

Freelancer can ask question to employer for any queries.

Project board

For every ongoing project projects have a unique board from here all operation for this specific project can be manage like communication with employer , file transfer, send milestone request, log time (for hourly project), view and download invoice etc.


Accounts module can contains many tab like:

  1. Wallet history
    1. All credit and debit info display here. Freelancer and also export report from here.
  2. Withdrawn
    1. Freelancer can add their add their respective withdrawn method. Also can send withdrawn request .This is much more secure. Once freelancer want to send withdrawn money he/she need to be put OTP (One Time Password) sent on their email.
  3. Transaction history
    1. Freelancer can check all for their accounts transaction. Also if want can filter within some specific date range
    2. Can view / download invoice
    3. Export report etc
Verify profile

"Flance" contain different type of badge according to different type of site verification to attract the employer like:

  1. PayPal
  2. Facebook
  3. Google
Account settings
  1. Can change their password
  2. Deactivate account. 

If freelancer can’t satisfied with employer or vice versa then one can make the project disputed. “Flance” contain a attractive and separate dispute board, from their booth they can interact also if want they can also add "admin" for resolution for the dispute. So that all they can communicate and settled the case.

Give rating & review to their employer

Once project completed freelancer can have provision to rate and give feedback to their employer & vice versa.

Project alert

Freelancer can also set project notification alert from their profile. Once set will receive project notification with matching their skill on their email.

Build team

Freelancer can build team with give some specific access permission.

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